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Callout! Seeking Unhinged Creators!

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Dear Creators

Hello you beautiful brains!

I’ve been toying with an idea for a long time and well, no more excuses so let me shut myself up before I start frosting the cake here with them.

Designed Outta Line was created to empower, a template to create and play freely with the passion that is the chaos – to explore, to learn, to grow and inspire that beauty that we all hold deeply within ourselves.

Throughout all this time, I’ve grown in many ways but there is always something missing and it hurts my soul. It’s lonely and missing an element I can’t affix for, despite every attempt to continue ramming my head into that rock.

I often wonder if it’s just me, or creators are prone to this lonely inner verse where we suffer this beautiful world in our minds – we create, but we don’t necessarily share it outwardly as others don’t get it or we limit a lot to not overwhelm.

I am Autistic, it could just be another me thing, but I don’t think it as much so.

I want Designed Outta Line to follow its roots, so I am pushing myself aside and posting this as a callout.

I’d like to create a regular posting of new and emerging creators on a weekly to monthly basis, no matter the medium – graphic design, art, photography, fashion, music, writing, etc. Anything that births from you and is original.

With this, I’d write a short introduction about yourself; I want to know what inspires you, what you have learned along the way, what you want to share with others in their own journey. I want you and your passion, mostly. I would also post photos of your creations and links to your information, etc.

It would be a fun opportunity to get your information out there, but also, I think, help us connect and grow together – to inspire each other and build a platform that exists to feel something more than ourselves.

I’m not sure where this will go, but I hope you find me, and we can create something together!

You can e-mail me at, or message me directly on platforms – I am available on Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook under the same name with Designed Outta Line. Likely best if you mention reading the post somewhere as I tend to stare down unknown messages, fully prepared for a marketer to jump out of the shadows cackling before unveiling themselves.

Thank you, regardless, for being a part of the story and I hope you continue to free and express all that beauty that is you!

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