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The Three Dirtiest Words

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Oh, yea — we are about to get real naughty here; there’s so many words to choose from, too, that the possibilities are limitless. Yet we can only choose three so I’m going to need you to stop cursing repeatedly in your head and focus with me. Ready?

The adage “you are what you eat,” can be used here except, we will say “you are what you speak.” Ahh! I’m sorry, I know I’ve secretly kidnapped you into an uplifting post when you came here to cuss — between you and I, you can make it four words and color it how you like it.

Before we speak these three saucy little words, let’s first talk about ourselves and by “ourselves,” I mean you. How have you been? Is life treating you well? You have what you want out of life, pretty much? If you answered yes, then may I remind you that adult adoption enriches the lives of those who have everything they wanted and I am quite available. Anyone? Yes?

If you answered no to these questions and my adoption offer then I urge you to keep reading because I understand and we’re gonna work on changing our minds.

The first question would bring to mind a simple “Why?” But nobody likes why; you shouldn’t either. “Why,” doesn’t always answer us; not in the best of ways. What does answer us is “how?” “How?” commands events, steps, or a path led to a specific destination. We can all answer “how?” Try it.

The first word, so to speak, is “I.” It is not a dirty word, but one you will use multiple times a day, be it in your head because people won’t speak to you after demanding adoption, or verbally when communicating with others because you have a life outside your personal bubble. “I,” is quite powerful; it dictates. When you use this word, it is not only a distinction in your vocabulary, but a chemical distinction. What you speak after it embodies emotions that agree to it.

The next word is “don’t.” Like “Don’t sass me because you see where this is going, the next word could be potato cause I do what I want!” “Don’t,” is also powerful language. Have you ever been attacked by a bear and just mildly yawned out “oh…no…don’t.” You shout it. Unless you’re into bear maulings, but want to appear demure. DON’T! That’s more like it. You know what else happens when you link “don’t,” in your word usage? Chemical reactions. Again. Yes! Chemical day!

The last word you definitely didn’t see coming was…”know.” Know embodies a calmer reaction chemically. It is generally positive. It can be used negatively, of course, when shouting back at someone for the millionth time that you “KNOW!” Again, chemical reactions. Our brains are wonderful this way.

Let’s put the words together. Ready? I DON’T KNOW! There they are; the three dirtiest words. While they may not be on a corner trying to lure you into a mud pile while scantily dressed, they do lure you into agreeance.

When you say “I don’t know,” you are agreeing to a resolution; one in which you end your quest and stare at a wall. It is a very active inactive. When you speak them together, you bring with yourself this theory that you cannot find a “how,” therefore, it simply is.

In some sense, these words are all right; we speak them to signify our lack of knowledge in something. Yet how often does it end there? Linguistics and our minds will intertwine and engage; you are your own engineer and if you want to answer those earlier questions differently than you must begin re-engineering your coding.

We live in a world with the internet; google! You can teach yourself anything! Seriously. I am a mechanic with a psychology degree that does makeup and photography, side lining coaching and I just taught myself some plumbing when I tore everything apart. P traps, who knew they saved us!

“I don’t know,” also costs you. For instance, someone came into a $50 dollar ps4 recently that the seller thought the hard drive was bad on. He didn’t know. I happen to know most electronics like phones, computers, and gaming systems have a hard reset and soft reset. Guess who has a like new $50 ps4 by pressing a button?

Career wise, why do some people move up and others stagnate? Cause the doers figure out how. They find a way. It is in their nature to respond this way, or to study and find a solution.

I suppose what I want to give to you is a first step to reprogramming; I want for you to answer yes to all those questions in life. Begin by saying “I don’t know how, yet.” In everything and anything you do, do not be scared to mess up or fail; “I don’t know,” is what holds you back from learning how to fall properly. And once you speak those words, leave out “why,” and focus on “how.”

Whatever it is you want to change or be doing in life; take it. Teach yourself. We live in such a world today that almost everything is possible — like Elon Musk adopting you to build and engineer with big boy toys or just saving money on hiring an electrician and crossing your fingers there’s marshmallows to uplift your neighbors with when you set the block on fire.

Good luck in all you do, and stop using those dirty words!

Originally posted 9/2020 on Medium

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