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We Are Eternal

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The falling days of all our dismays – to run and hide, slip away, free to decide our lives, our fate. Fate. The adage pressed upon our souls since matter became existence, since we birthed a name and a history. A statistic? Twisted truths, damned truths! We can say we’ll be whoever we wanna be yet are told ever so respectfully of all we could ever be. Who are you? You’re not our we, you don’t tell me – not we.

 We are faster than you – born running, smelling your existence creeping at every corner waiting for us we to take fall. We are smarter than you, well learned to slip around you and manifest power where you seek to contain it. Us we ate even when you starved us, us we watched as you withheld us. You can’t see us we, even if you tried, because we are invisible to your makeshift existence. Us we don’t live inside the lines, we create new ones and build. Us we live hard, play hard, and die hard. Us we, us shadow creepers, us we who bide by on the devil’s time. Not your time. Not until you catch one of our we but never enough of the we’s to break us.

Look down upon us, frown upon us, lock your doors and curse upon us. View us we down to a nature; a face, color, apparel, a city. Pity us we for we all must be mad, sad, or bad. Stupid. Lost. Evil. Us we, we don’t mind. Us we are free, free to survive and see the you’s with crossed eyes; disease of mind inflicting judgment upon innocence, gains against hindrance. Us we take life for every second of every day, cherished and beloved like that of the closest ally. Us we have no chapel of righteous dictation; we have our own code – not yours. The yous who fear death, act by governing and polish society with dignified castrations of self. Us we, yea, us we – we fear not any of that, we are not seen. Us we, we fear not death of self or mind for we were born to death; every sunrise a day we’ve taken back, while you yous strike one down. We and You will one day be equal, flesh of matter birthing back into Earth’s bosom. But us we’s who have lived, you you’s who have adapted. Us we’s who truly pity you you’s who lived through a life not truly yours.

                                                             You are existent.

                                                           We, we are eternal.

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  1. ShailaHox Avatar

    да уж!!!!НЕт слов
    Детально про reits тут. Облігації вважаються одними з найбільш|наиболеезнаменитых безпечних інструментів на ринку. людям, хто інвестує можуть наростити свої активи.

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